Founded in 1977, the sole purpose of the Executive Association of the Upstate is to generate business for and among member firms. This is accomplished through the exchange of direct business and business information. The Association operates for the benefit and profit of its members, not for profit as an organization.

EAU is a select group of business leaders whose experience and reputation have given them recognition in their fields. Membership is by invitation only, and is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification. Each member firm has its own exclusive classification, based on its main products or services, with which no other member may compete.

All prospective members must first be sponsored by a current member and must exhibit high standards of professionalism, quality, and business ethics.

Members of the EAU have three basic responsibilities:

Give and Receive Business

Each member is expected to give leads received and contacts to other members. Recommendations are encouraged. Although not required, members are asked to give members the opportunity to bid, whenever possible.

Support Other Members

Every member is expected to assist and support other member firms in potential business opportunities.


Attend Meetings

Members are required to meet specific attendance requirements for our bi-weekly breakfast meetings and scheduled open houses. Consistent attendance can produce productive relationships and a more rewarding membership.


EAU works because its members strive to provide leads and referrals for fellow members and to do business with one another whenever possible. The Association’s restriction of one member per business category assures that when a fellow member seeks the services or products you provide, you will receive the opportunity to earn that business without competition from within the organization.

As a member, you will establish business and professional relationships with some of Greater Greenville and Upstate South Carolina’s leading firms in a wide variety of professions and industries. Normally it would take years to establish such a sound networking basis.

By virtue of your membership, you will be able to participate in the ongoing exchange of business information allowing insight into trends in the community region, and state. You will also find a constant interchange of ideas and procedures that can be invaluable in the management of your own business.

Beginning in 2008, the EAU meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month.  An evening meeting at a member’s location is held in the months that have a fifth Tuesday.  In addition to the opportunity for social interaction, the latter meetings permit the membership to visit the host company’s place of business and gain a first hand view of the operation.

The primary goal of the Executive Association is to enhance profitability for the membership. We are not a civic group and have no partisan political or religious speakers at our meetings. We do not undertake charitable activities.

A “Business Lead Sheet” is provided for each attendee at the regular Tuesday meetings. These reports of Association activity are a focal point of the meeting and are presented verbally by each member. The Association Secretary collects and archives this information.

In summary, the four main objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Provide positive motivation among the member companies
  2. Do business with one another
  3. Provide leads that may generate new opportunities
  4. Support member companies through recommendations to friends and associates